META-i offers a comprehensive solution for end-to-end management of University examinations.

One of the core objectives of a University is to declare results on time and in a transparent and secure manner. Our automated solution adapts to the existing process followed at any University for result processing while leveraging technology and operational excellence to enhance efficiency of the entire examination process.

We also provide content for conducting these examinations. To know more visit Question Bank.

These services can be provided independently or in an integrated manner

Pre-Examination and Post-Examination Management

This service primarily aids Universities in managing examinations and processing results. The three major stages covered under University examination include:

Our service offering adds value to the existing University examination process right from the time when a student fills out the exam application form till he receives his Convocation Certificate. It includes exam application management, fee management, exam centre mapping, question paper management, answer script management, invigilator diary management, hall ticket generation, answer script management, result processing and hosting, marks card and provisional certificate printing, generation of convocation diary and printing of convocation certificates, and, generation and printing of standard and customized reports and statistics as required by the University.

META-i’s focus area is on the intricate segments where there is scope for error and where accuracy, tracking, cost and time is a major factor.

Online Secure Question Paper Transmission

Keeping Question papers for any examination secure is the biggest challenge faced by all the educational institutions. It requires error free systems to be put in place with minimal human intervention to ensure safety and security of the data. The challenge increases many fold when the University has exam centres spread across various districts, states and even in different countries.

META-i QP Transmission Solution is offered through a secured block data to ensure minimal scope for leakage. Our USP in QP Transmission is an encrypted solution which ensures near zero tampering with biometric and two factor authentication.

Digital Evaluation (OSM)

One of the key challenges faced by all educational institutions is ensuring fair, transparent, time bound evaluation of answer scripts. Evaluation process at Universities are a complex process with many models followed such as that of single evaluation with moderation or double evaluation with one being checked by an internal and the other by an external expert. Moderation itself has many permutations and combinations.

Bringing innovations in technology to the evaluation system, META-i has put years of experience and its experts on creating a transparent, seamless and 24x7 accessible solution for ‘Digital Evaluation’. META-i‘s completely customizable solution as part of the ‘digital evaluation’ solution covers ‘Answer Script Digitization’, ‘Examination Administration’, ‘Live Marking’, ‘Dashboards’ and ‘Result Compilation’.

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Dedicated off-site and on-site resources are deployed for all the above services.

META-varsity Service assures superior levels of process efficiencies:

Our Clients

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