While we have many service offerings based on state of the art home grown solutions, you will still have some questions for us...the commonly received questions are given in the FAQs.

1) What type of data extraction engine do you use?

2) What Type of databases do you all work with?

3) What is the security of your data system?

4) Do you have any Business continuity plan?

5) What type of network and machines do you operate?

6) Which is the most secured way to transfer question papers?

7) Do you have customization on your service / software?

8) Do you have data interchange platform?

9) Do you facilitate digital certificate creation & Storage?

10) Do you deploy onsite support for IT?

11) Are you using a customized software or is it a commercial software?

12) What are the products/solutions available with you for university?

We have various software for :

13) Would you be able to provide services for a particular process instead of the whole solution?

14) We are still following the paper & pen system, would you be able to integrate with our system?

15) Would you be able to automate our system?

For more details, send across your query and our team will get back to you